Saran Mandhadapu

Loan Factory

Phone: (571) 230-7680

NMLS#: 2417126

Licensed state: Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, California

About me

Hello, My name is Saran and I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Loan Officer in several states. I am also a Real Estate Investor and can help others get into Real Estate investing. I have experience with Residential, Commercial, Non-QM and DSCR loans. We know you have lot of options while choosing a Lender. All we ask is to get a quote from us and compare with other Lenders. Unlike other lenders, we display our rates online without asking your personal information. We believe our rates are very competitive so we DARE YOU TO COMPARE. Give us a chance and see the difference in RATES and SPEED of Loan Processing. Thank you for considering us for your mortgage needs. Looking forward to assisting you!!

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